Play to Win

About game

Investing Town is a game whose main purpose is to learn to trade and invest virtual money to increase your avatar's wealth.

The more prestige you achieve, the higher your rank will be. As the game progresses, you will also unlock more trading options. At any stage of the game, you will get access to tutorials that will allow you to learn the mechanics of investing in various financial instruments. In addition, each player becomes an integral part of the open economy in the game as a trader and by selling and buying items as they see fit.
What we have now​

Stock market simulator​

Players get to understand most important mechanics of stock market via library with viable information as well as by gameplay.

What will come

The City

True gameplay will come with city module, where players will be able to spend money earned on the stock market!

About Us

Who we are

Investing Town is a project developed by a team of 20 specialists who not only have over 15 years of experience in the game dev industry but most importantly - love games.