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From Devs with ❤️


Dear All,

Two weeks of the campaign have passed – we are half-way there !

We would like to share an update from the current testing that we are going through: After playing beta version of the game, that we plan to share with our supporters.We have decided to rearrange little bit it’s first phase 😅 Our talented team is working on those changes and it will be ready to be shared with you all shortly !


Dear All,

We are one week since starting campaign on Kickstarter. Thanks to all our supporters – much appreciated ! 

Regrading updates from the game … We are happy to share that we are finalising the changes originated from the testing 😁 Now we are wrapping them up preparing the release that will be available in Early Access 🎉


Welcome in 2024 🥳

We have started the campaign on 01.01.2024 – Got already support from number of people.

Thanks All – Much appreciated that You have decided to support us  ♥️ We have also published our first update on the Kickstarter here


Hi All,

Merry Christmas – we wish that this season be full of light and laughter for you.

See You All in 2024 – The Year that will be significant for our project team 


Hi All,

Big news – we have decided to promote our game on Kickstarter. We have prepared few packages that will give you nice benefits in the game and not only. Please check our project page here.

We plan to start the campaign on 01.01.2024 🎉


We are back !

We had general meeting and we have concluded that we are ready to close development of City Module !

Right now, we will start intensive testing of our next release that we plan to make available in Q1 2024.

We will share less updates, as in this phase there will be a lot of small changes in existing build – so not that interesting 😅


Dear Supporters – for the next two weeks, we plan to have a break . Our amazing devs were working hard and we think it’s time to give them some time to recharge. Many thanks for Your support. We will be back on 19.09.23. Stay tuned !


This week updates:

  • Devs team worked on Sky scrappers area. 
  • There will be big update of the UX that is planned for next week


One more week, few more updates:

  • Dev are working on UX: Camera movement optimisation
  • Mikołaj is continue to test the game
  • We have some advancements regarding the buildings in the game


More updates from our amazing team:

  • Dev are working on the feedback gathered from current testing
  • We are planing technical lunch of our Town module
  • Mikołaj has finalized the design of economy


We are really excited to share following updates:

  • Agata continues to work on items that will be available in our shop.
  • Klaudia is working on housing area.
  • Devs and Mikołaj are work on gathering the statistics within the game.


This week we have a handful of updates:

  • Agata is working on IAP shop.
  • Klaudia is working on Skyscrapers area.
  • Mikołaj is continue to working on economy.
  • Devs continue to wrap-up the stories that are needed to close second milestone.


Please find more updates from our talented team:

  • Devs are working on NPC’s that will be on the streets of the Investing Town
  • Mikołaj was testing our game and played the role of bug hunter. The outcome will be improvements of the gameplay 
  • Agata continues creating customisation options for our avatars – this week cloths !


This week updates:

  • Devs are working on the buildings that you will be able to see and some of them will be possible to be bought.
  • Mikołaj was continue to work on our game economy. This will be shortly ready for our internal discussions.
  • Agata worked on adding accessories to our avatars: glasses, hats and … facial hair


Please find more updates from our talented team:
  • Mikołaj continues working on the economy – big brain time !
  • Klaudia has finished working on the characters & cars that will populate the streets of Investing Town 
  • Agata continues with working on the hair styles – colours and styles. More customisation options coming !
  • Team worked on improvement of the view and camera movement.


Another week, we keep progressing:

  • Devs worked on idle mechanics – aimed to be completed next week. Secondly, there were some small tweaks on the game menus.
  • Klaudia was working on the characters that will fill the streets of Investing Town. 
  • Agata has shared more avatars customisation options. For example for now there are 10 haircuts 


We are really excited to share following updates:

  • Mikołaj was playing the first version of our town for the last few days. Yes ! That’s right, soon we will be able to share some gameplay.
  • Now we are starting to work on the economy mechanism.


We are excited to announce that we have new joiner our team !

  • Agata has joined our designers team and jumped to work on the avatars customization
  • Dev team was working on idle mechanism and fixed the bug that was observed on IOS application
  • Magda continued to work on the game tutorial


This week we have a handful of updates:

  • David has shared sketches of avatars and possible customization
  • Paulina has come back from holidays and showed us the progress on the living area. It’s already look awesome ❤️
  • Bogdan has shared some updates from progress in mechanics of the game.


Last week there was a may long weekend, so we were recharging the batteries. Therefore there were no updates 💁🏼‍♂️

This week Mikołaj was polishing out the on-boarding screens. You know, the ones that You will see for the first time when entering the game.  Also we had discussion about new look of our „Tauro” avatar. 


The team is progressing in working on the city. Designer team has finalized working on menus from UX perspective and handed them over to Devs. 

From top to bottom everything has to be designed. There is a lot of thing that have to be considered, but we are on track.

Lastly, Klaudia has shared the renders of the housing area and villas that will be there waiting for our players. Stay tuned ! 


Our talented designers are continue to work hard ! Magda & Mikołaj are focusing on the details of the different game menu views. Last week they were focused on the menu of the buildings that You will be able to purchase in The City.

Secondly, we have some first view on the map of the districts. Imagine how much creativity is needed to built the whole city from scratch.


Our talented UX designers are working hard on bringing You Investing City as soon as possible !

 Please have a look at one of the designs that we have stolen from Magda 👀

We will try to share more soon. Stay tuned !